Raul de Souza
Brazilian Music premier trombonist.

Guilherme Vergueiro
Brazilian music pianist, composer & arranger.

Thiago de Mello
Guitarrist, composer and percussionist. Performs extensively with his band Amazon and guitarrist Sharon Isbin.

Alaíde Costa
Brazilian music singer extraordinaire.

Drummer, composer and arranger, Nene is an artist on the vanguard of Brazilian music.

Nenéu Liberalquino
His playing differs from the traditional ways of playing the guitar, since he plays the instrument on the horizontal, using all 5 left hand's fingers.

Lea Freire
Flutist and composer. The one and only.

Ion Muniz
Tenor sax and flute player, composer and writer of music text books.

Robertinho Silva
Brazilian Music drums celebrity.

Haroldo Mauro Jr.
Pianist, drummer, arranger & composer. Music educator.

Tutty Moreno
Brazilian drummer. Tutti plays with taste and imagination. Has played with vocalist Joyce for many years and has his own group "Forças da Alma".

Claudio Guimarães
Good taste and sensibility are the trade marks of this great Brazilian music guitarist.

Teco Cardoso
Brazilian saxophonist and flutist. Winner of prestigious Sharp Award with his album Meu Brasil.